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Writing in the Disciplines Models and Methods

Assess and Address Writing Support

Through assessment of course-specific or outside writing samples, this WID model identifies students particularly in need of writing assistance and supports them through a program of weekly or biweekly writing consultations. Based on evaluation criteria and work plans collaboratively developed by faculty and Writing Center staff, consultations are targeted to address each student’s personal writing issues and increase their confidence and effectiveness in writing within their discipline.

Discipline-Specific Writing Studios

Providing students with a more intense and in-depth writing experience, writing studios are made up of small groups of students who meet weekly to discuss the writing process of their course writing assignments. Although a Writing Center facilitator is present to make sure that discussion remains focused and to provide guidance when necessary, the content of the studio is driven by the group. By participating in studios, students not only have a support system to aid them in the writing process – from answering questions about the assignment to revising final drafts – but they also develop collaboration skills that will be essential to success in the professional world.

Writing in the Disciplines Courses

As part of disciplinary “ownership” of writing, faculty are encouraged to meet with Writing Center staff to incorporate writing instruction and support into their courses consistent with the outcomes and requirements of the Writing in the Disciplines designation under the Core Curriculum. Various services – such as faculty consultations with pedagogy and assessment experts and student writing instruction and consultations – are available to support the course upon implementation.

The WID courses for the 2012-2013 academic year are:

  • ARCH 1359
  • ARCH 6359
  • ARTH 1300
  • ARTH 3312
  • ARTH 4379
  • BIOL 1134
  • BIOL 3124
  • BIOL 4315
  • ENGI 2304
  • GENB 2301: Business Writing Tutorial (BWT)
  • GENB 4350
  • Honors Thesis
  • HRMA 3358
  • HRMA 4353
  • INDS 4360
  • INTB 4397
  • Law Center Writing Support Partnership
  • MATH 3379
  • MIS 4375
  • SOCW 8397
  • TELS 4341
  • TELS 4342
Assignment-Specific Writing Consultations

Many WID-partnered courses utilize one-on-one consultations with writing consultants in order to provide students support in the writing and revising process for their major course writing assignments. Occasionally, this model is used to address the needs of only the bottom-performing students in the class (usually identified by their performance on a previous course assignment), though often every student is required to attend at least one consultation prior to submitting the assignment.

Course-Integrated or Stand-Alone Writing Workshops

Designed to be both informative and interactive, WID workshops typically incorporate both instruction on writing within the discipline and hands-on writing practice. Topics can be developed according to faculty input and student writing needs, and workshops can take place at the Writing Center and either during specific class periods or outside of class of class time. For a list of potential workshop topics, click here.