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Writing in the Disciplines at the University of Houston Writing Center

The University of Houston Writing Center provides the UH community with resources for discipline-specific writing practice, instruction, and evaluation through the Writing in the Disciplines (WID) program, advancing the University's goal of raising writing standards while improving the quantity, caliber, and engagement of student learning. Just as intellectual demands change by discipline, the conventions, forms, and expectations of writing also change. By supporting students in the writing process within their discipline, WID initiatives lead students to grasp intellectual material and engage themselves in articulating effective solutions to discipline-specific problems. Aimed at re-establishing the connection between writing and content, the WID program has furthered initiatives at every academic level, each semester providing thousands of students from 11 colleges with long-term support in developing the tools necessary to succeed in their academic and professional careers.

WID Staff

WID program administrators regard writing as more than a demonstration of learned knowledge, but as a process of thinking and learning. Partnering with colleges and departments across the University, the WID program supports faculty in defining the writing standards, values, and conventions specific to their discipline in order to address student writing needs. Under the direction of Writing Center Executive Director and Associate Director for Writing Programs Holly Prevost work with faculty partners and Writing Center experts in pedagogy and instructional design, assessment, and English Language Learners (ELL) instruction in order to develop and implement the best options for discipline-specific writing support.

WAC/WID Writing Support

Support is provided in the form of assess-and-support partnerships, CORE writing courses, linked course pairs, discipline-specific writing workshops and labs, and individual and/or group writing consultations. Click here to learn more about the Writing Center’s models and methods of WID writing support for students. In addition, the Writing Center provides extensive support to faculty in the development of curriculum and evaluation rubrics as well as training seminars for graduate assistants on effectively evaluating writing. Click here for the Writing Center's faculty support page.