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UH Writing Center's WC Online Usage Policies

WC Online’s Purpose

To help you access writing support on days and times that work best for you, the Writing Center provides you with WC Online, an online scheduling system that allows you to choose the specific program or course, date, and time that best suit your needs. Almost all of our services are accessible only through appointments booked on WC Online. Walk-in services are not available.

Our consultants help students develop and structure ideas and organize their thoughts. They will not simply proofread the paper for grammatical errors.

Creating Your Account in WC Online

Use a valid email address and your seven-digit UH ID when registering with WC Online as appointment confirmations and check-in systems use this information. Please keep track of the email address you choose for your account; each registered user is limited to creating and using only one account. If you forget your password, open the link on the login page to retrieve or reset it.

Consultation Availability

On the system’s login page, you can choose the service you seek from a drop-down list of programs or courses. Schedules for some courses or programs are available for only a limited time. There are usually ample time-slots on each schedule to create a reservation that works for you; however, the longer you wait to book your meeting, the less likely it becomes that a convenient time will still be open.If you have questions regarding consultation availability for any of our programs, contact the center’s program manager. His or her name and contact information will be listed on the scheduling page of each service.

Scheduling in Advance

Last-minute scheduling is not available. For most of our programs, reservations must be made at least two calendar days in advance of your consultation date. (Example: For a meeting on August 5, you must create your reservation by 11:00 p.m. on August 3.) We recommend that you schedule your appointment as far in advance of your desired meeting time as possible.

Meeting Check-in

We are located in the Classroom and Business Building (or CBB, Bldg. 499 on the UH campus maps webpage) on the second floor. For your meeting’s room location, refer to your confirmation email from WC Online or to the program scheduling page. On the day of your meeting, arrive on time and enter your UH ID on an "Appointment Check-in" computer in your consultation room. Your consultant will call your name, conduct your meeting, and step you through the end-of-consultation process. If you have any trouble connecting with your Writing Consultant, notify a staff member in Room 220 of the Writing Center. We will be happy to help you.

Proof of Attendance

After you arrive on time for your scheduled meeting and engage in a conversation about your writing with your consultant, you are welcome to receive hardcopy proof of attendance immediately following your meeting upon your request.

“Missed” Consultations

If you arrive 10 minutes or more after your consultation start-time in most services, or if you do not appear for your meeting, the reservation record for your meeting may be marked as “missed.” Two “missed” appointments on an account will prompt WC Online to disable the account. To get help re-activating your account, or for solutions to other problems with WC Online, call the Writing Center at 713-743-3016 and ask for help. You should also call the center if you think you will arrive late to your appointment.