Honors College

HON 2301: Human Situation

The Writing Center provides both individual and collective writing support to students of this seminal Honor's College course. Early in the semester Writing Center instructors lead a writing workshop open to all HON 2301 sections. Additionally, students identified by faculty teaching the course as in need of additional writing support are given the opportunity to attend multiple individual writing consultation at the Writing Center to discuss a rough draft of subsequent assignments.

Honor's College Retreat Workshop

Taking place during the College's annual retreat, this partnership involves an experienced Writing Center instructional staff offering a lecture on "Learning the Academic Language" to all incoming Honor's College students.

POLS 3310: Introduction to Political Theory Course Partnership and TA Training

Though the course is open to non-honors students, the Introduction to Political Theory partnership emerged from a collaboration with faculty from the Honors College. Serving a significant number of Honors College students, the partnership includes three writing seminars and individual writing consultations. Writing Center professionals also work with the POLS 3310 professor to develop a universal rubric that will be implemented by TAs when grading student papers for the course, and conduct multiple training sessions to lead TAs through the application of the rubric to student writing assignments.