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New BWE Prompts FAQ

In Fall 2010, the Business Writing Evaluation (BWE) will feature new prompts (the writing tasks students respond to for the evaluation). Why is Bauer College changing the BWE prompts?

Two reasons: 1. the College wants to emphasize business ethics as well as written communication right from the start of a student’s career at Bauer; 2. the new prompts will give the students a more substantial basis for writing their BWE than the previous prompts provided, giving them a better showcase for their writing skills.

What are the new BWE prompts like?

The BWE prompts use ethics mini-cases from the Markkula Center website (URL: to create scenarios in which students have to reply formally to specific correspondence about the case. You go “inside the scene” and write as one of the characters in the cases.

Is the Bauer College changing the way the BWE will be evaluated?

No, the BWE will continue to use the same rubric for evaluation, and the level of expectations for basic composition is the same. You can see the rubric at

Is there any way to prepare for the BWE?

There are several ways to prepare: review the material on the GENB2301 Blackboard course; review what you learned about writing in your Composition courses; look over the mini-cases on the Markkula Center website; and review the business ethics fundamentals at the website for the Bauer Center for Business Ethics ( Familiarizing yourself with these materials will help you approach the BWE with more confidence.

Remember, though, that you are not expected to have any special knowledge of either business ethics or business writing for the BWE; instead, the BWE uses common-sense reasoning about ethical situations as a basis for writing that will be evaluated for basic elements of composition (like generating and organizing content, supporting points with evidence, and clear and coherent language).