C.T. Bauer College of Business

GENB 3302: Business Writing Evaluation / Business Writing Tutorial

Note: All BWT students must choose "GENB 2301:Business Writing Tutorial (BWT)" to schedule your appointment. Course name "BBA 1001" is now called "GENB 2301:Business Writing Tutorial (BWT)".

The C. T. Bauer College of Business has partnered with the Writing Center to create The Bauer Experience, an entry-to-major non-credit course designed to enforce a quality threshold for student writing in the college. Students are assessed by the Business Writing Evaluation as part of their entry to the major, and those who do not meet the standard of writing competency are tutored intensively in the Business Writing Tutorial. Once students referred to participate in the tutorials satisfactorily complete a business writing portfolio, they both clear the Bauer Experience and take with them a dossier that they will be able to use in their job search upon completion of their degree.
BWE: Business Writing Evaluation

The Business Writing Evaluation

The Bauer Experience is a program designed to introduce incoming business students to Bauer College and to prepare them with the professional skills necessary for a career in business. The program uses a combination of workshops and seminars along with an online component in WebCT/Vista, GENB 2301. This Vista component includes five Learning Modules:

     1. Bauer College;
     2. Business Process and Functional Areas;
     3. Careers in Business;
     4. Business Protocol;
     5. Effective Communication.

Modules 1, 2, 3, and 5 must be completed before a student can file a degree plan.

Learning Module 5 Contents:

Prompts: starting in Fall 2010, the Business Writing Evaluation (BWE) will feature new prompts.Find out more by clicking this:

Rubric: the scale of standards that will be used to evaluate your writing (click here to see the rubric)

A Brief Review of the Fundamentals of Writing: multimedia presentations of the essentials to help you prepare for the 

BWEQuizzes (mandatory): covering BWE Policies and Fundamentals of Writing (students must achieve passing scores before they are eligible to sign up for a BWE date; multiple retakes are allowed)

Practice Test (optional)

BWE/Writing Center Scheduling: this link will appear once you have successfully completed the mandatory quizzes. You will need to have a Cougar 1 ID card with an HA/HE identification number to sign up for your BWE date.

The Business Writing Evaluation (BWE), the major requirement of Module 5, is a timed writing assignment designed and rated by the UH Writing Center to measure the basic communication skills and writing competence of students entering undergraduate degree programs in the C. T. Bauer College of Business. Students will receive one of three ratings:
  • Scores of 3, 3.5, or 4: the BWE requirement is met (no further requirements)
  • Scores of 2 or 2.5: the BWE requirement is met, but with a recommendation (no further requirements, but follow-up with the UH Writing Center is recommended to improve writing skills)
  • Score of 1 or 1.5: referral to the BWT (student is required to begin the Business Writing Tutorial the following semester)

Prerequisites for taking the BWE are successful completion of English 1303 and 1304 (Freshman Composition I and II) or their equivalent. You must also take and pass the mandatory quizzes in the WebCT/Vista module before scheduling your exam.

Academic Honesty Notice: students taking the BWE are subject to the requirements for academic honesty described in the University of Houston Student Handbook. Students who violate the terms of this policy will have their scores nullified and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Testing Accommodations Notice: students with documented disabilities on file at the Center for Students with DisABILITIES may arrange for testing accommodations by presenting the BWE proctor with their Student Accommodations Form (SAF).

BWE Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Where does the BWE take place?

A: The BWE has migrated to the C. T. Bauer College of Business! Details of location, as well as times and dates, will be provided by the scheduling program linked to the Bauer Experience WebCT/Vista course, Module V.

Q: What should I bring?

A: The only thing you absolutely need to bring is your Cougar 1Card photo ID, to prove your identity when you sign in.

Q: How do I reschedule?

A: Email bwe@uh.edu and they can delete your original schedule, allowing you to go back in and set a new date.

Q: Is the BWE a computer-based writing assessment?

A: Yes, you will be taking the BWE on a PC using Securexam, a software that safeguards your work. You’ll be given simple instructions for signing in and working with Securexam.

Q: How long will it be until I hear how I did?

A: You will hear from the College of Business about your results in 4 to 6 weeks. Please do not contact the Writing Center about your results.

BWT: Business Writing Tutorial

Business Writing Tutorial (BWT): Individualized Support

The Business Writing Tutorial (BWT) is an outcomes-driven individualized program of instruction designed by the UH Writing Center to develop basic communication skills and writing competence. Students referred to the BWT will work one-on-one with a Writing Consultant in completing a portfolio of business-related written work. They will receive practice in and support for the important “threshold skill” of writing outside of the pressure of course demands.

Students will sign up for the BWT using the Writing Center’s online scheduling service, which can be found under the "Schedule Appointments" section of the Writing Center home page. Students usually sign up for their conference the week before it is scheduled, and then continue to see their Writing Consultant on that same day and at that same time, unless they both agree to a change.

For the Business Writing Tutorial, students will prepare, draft, revise, and finish two assignments, a résumé with cover letter and a solicited proposal. Once the first assignment has been satisfactorily completed, the student can move on to the second, so the student has a real stake in determining how long the tutorial program lasts. This is a truly student-driven process: when the student has completed the two assignments satisfactorily, the student has cleared the BWT requirement.

Business Writing Tutorial, Assignment 2: Student Resources for Solicited Proposal Assignment

Web Links - General

http://www.bauer.uh.edu/ -- Bauer College of Business official page; this site should serve as the writers’ basic research tool for exploring their proposal’s subject

http://www.bauer.uh.edu/Directory/profile.asp?firstname=Frank&lastname=Kelley -- Bio for Frank Kelley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Business Programs (reader of students’ proposal); useful for writers who wish to gain a sense of who their reader is and what his job entails

http://www.bauer.uh.edu/prospective/our-students.asp -- Student body demographics; useful in helping writers determine what kind of students make up the College, discovering what their needs may be, and what their life outside of school may warrant (i.e. scheduling classes, family/job commitments)

http://www.uh.edu/ir/reports/facts-at-a-glance/Fall_2012_Facts.pdf -- UH at a Glance – Points of Pride; includes awards and notable statistics for the University as a whole and for each College, including the C.T. Bauer College of Business

Web links—Tailored to specific Request for Proposals (RFPs):

• RFP option #1
http://www.bauer.uh.edu/Career/index.asp -- Bauer College of Business Career Services webpage; includes services that will prepare business students for future employment

• RFP option #2
http://www.las.uh.edu/LSS/ -- University-wide Learning Support Services webpage; the services of the LSS are provided to all University students

http://www.bauer.uh.edu/departments/disc/bts (Tutoring) 

http://www.bauer.uh.edu/departments/undergraduate-advising-center/current/(Advising)-- these two sites make up the Learning Support Services provided by the Bauer College of Business and are exclusive to business students

• RFP option #3
https://www.stu.uh.edu/uoh/newenrlsrv/select.jsp -- Course Listing Selection; allows for quick and easy search for available courses in a given semester 

http://www.uh.edu/academics/catalog/ -- Undergraduate Catalogue Online, Course Descriptions (2005-2007); allows one to quickly search for a complete listing of business courses available as well as a description of those courses

GENB 4350: Business Law & Ethics

The Writing Center supports this 600-person senior-level business course through an extensive "Assess and Address" partnership. Each student's writing is assessed early in the semester based on four writing assignments. Students whose performance deems them most in need of writing support subsequently participate in multiple one-on-one writing consultations with a course-dedicated writing consultant. Consultations take place at different stages of the writing process as students compose their final paper for the course.

Bauer MBA Writing Program

The Bauer MBA programs have partnered with the UH Writing Center to establish a program that will assess the writing of MBA students at several stages of their academic careers. The goal is to provide individualized tutoring as needed to ensure—to students and to employers—that MBA graduates have demonstrated competence in written communication.

ACCT 7362: Tax Research

The Writing Center offers multiple business writing workshops and individual consultations with ELL-specialized writing consultants to students of this graduate-level accounting course.

MARK 8379: Academic Writing and Presenting

In this Academic Writing and Presenting course, doctoral students from the Marketing Department of the Bauer College of Business develop writing strategies for publishing in academic journals, presenting at professional conferences, and navigating the competitive academic job market.

Grader Training for GENB 4350: Business Law & Ethics

Throughout the semester, Writing Center pedagogy and instructional experts provide training and support services for GENB 4350 graders, including workshops and online resources. By becoming familiar with good business writing and the course grading rubric during training workshops, graders become better prepared to effectively and efficiently evaluate and comment on student writing.