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Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management

Hilton College-Wide Writing Program

The Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and the Writing Center have developed a three-stage college-wide writing program designed to ensure that graduates of the College have the tools to meet the communication challenges they will face in the sophisticated international hospitality industry. The first stage is an HRMA-specific English 1304 (First Year Writing II) course, combining the curricular goals of analytical reading and persuasive writing with hospitality-industry issues and sources. The second stage is a Mid-Career Writing Assessment that evaluates student writing ability as they progress from sophomore to junior standing and identifies students in need of writing support. Those students participate in a series of writing tutorials to assist them in the completion of an industry-specific writing portfolio appropriate to their intended major. The third stage involves a Capstone Writing Assessment, evaluating student writing during their penultimate semester, either assuring the students’ basic competence or identifying them for additional assistance.

HRMA 4353: Supervision & Leadership in the Hospitality Industry

As a part of the Hilton College Writing Program, this course partnership provides an assessment of the college's senior level writing skills, as well as providing assistance to those students who need to bring their writing skills up to par before graduating. The course is serving as the pilot course for the iWebfolio electronic portfolio system, which allows the University to collect selected samples of student work in order to assess how well the College is meeting its learning outcomes. Initial student writing samples from the class are assessed by Writing Center personnel, and based on the results of the assessment students may be recommended to join a studio group. Studio groups are composed of small teams of students who meet weekly to collaborate on the writing assigned in the course. Facilitated by Writing Center staff, the studios help group members actively engage in the entire writing process and develop collaboration skills essential to their success in the professional world.

HRMA 3352: Human Resource Management

The HRMA 3352 partnership takes the traditional upper-division human resource management class and couples it with writing appropriate to the hotel/restaurant industry. A Writing Center staff member provides writing instruction during designated weeks of the semester in order to supplement the HRMA content of the course. Additionally, WID writing consultants work with students outside of class through individual consultations.

HRMA 3364: Hotel Sales

HRMA 3364 is taught by faculty in the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management with a Writing Center staff member acting as a writing instructor. The semester includes five writing workshops, three face-to-face meetings, and two virtual meetings which are led by the Writing Center liaison, reinforcing not only the course content but also the writing skills necessary for the assignments. Specialized WID writing consultants work with students outside of class through individual consultations, and students are assessed through on-the-spot surveys and beginning- and end-of-semester questionnaires.

HRMA 6397: Service Management

In this course, faculty in the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management partner with Writing Center staff acting as a writing instructor. WID writing consultants work with students outside of class through individual consultations about their major course writing assignments.