College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Texas Center for Superconductivity Graduate Writing Workshop for International Students (TcSUH)

The Writing Center, in conjunction with the UH Texas Center for Superconductivity and the UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, has created this course for non-native English speaking graduate students. Class sessions are taught by a Writing Center staff member specialized in assisting non-native writers, and students also participate in individual consultations with a course-dedicated writing consultant. Designed to help the students polish their oral and written communication skills and become confident academic researchers, teachers, and productive leaders of the Houston community, the course is assessed through a variety of evaluative measures.

BIOL 3201: Genetics Laboratory Writing Workshops and Teaching Assistant Training

In this partnership, Writing Center staff, with input from biology faculty, develop and deliver a workshop on writing quantitative lab reports for multiple lab sections of students. The Biology lab coordinator and Writing Center staff also collaborate on the course lab manual in order to make it a more effective instrument for instruction, and Writing Center experts work with course TAs to ensure effective evaluation of course writing.

BIOL 3201: Genetics Laboratory Writing Studios

The Writing Center has partnered with the Biology Department in order to enhance student writing within this Genetics Laboratory. Students who perform in the bottom 10 percent on the course's first writing assignment will be required to join a writing studio group. The studios will be open to everyone, but will be targeted at students deemed most in-need of writing support, engaging them in the writing process as they work towards the completion of their final reports. Studio groups will meet twice during the semester, supporting students in their writing, reinforcing course content, and leading students to develop collaboration skills essential to their academic and professional success.