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Signing Up for an Online General Writing Consultation

To sign up for an Online General Writing Consultation, you will first need to log in to WCOnline. If you do not have an account with WCOnline yet, you’ll need to create one. You can do that here.

Once you have logged in to WCOnline, open the drop-down menu labeled “Please select a schedule” and select the Appointment Schedule “Online General Writing Consultation.” (The title of this schedule will also include the initials of the current semester, and the last two digits of the current year. Ex.: FA14.)

The text that appears at the top of the “Online General Writing Consultation” Schedule contains important information pertaining to the current semester. Be sure to read it carefully before reserving an appointment.

Displayed on the calendar below the text are the dates and times of appointments for the current week.

White Rectangles represent available appointments. To reserve an available appointment, click the White Rectangle representing the available appointment you wish to reserve. Doing this will open an Appointment Form for that appointment.

After you have filled out the Appointment Form, click the Save Appointment tab to finish reserving your appointment.

When you have finished reserving your appointment, you will be taken to a Confirmation Screen.

You also will receive a Confirmation Email. That email will contain useful information pertaining to your appointment, so be sure to read it.

On the Confirmation Screen, you will be given the option to attach a file to your Appointment Form. Whether or not you are required to attach a file to your Appointment Form depends on the length of the draft of writing you wish to discuss during your Online Consultation. Please click here to determine whether or not you need to attach a file to your Appointment Form.

To jump to instructions on how to attend your Online General Writing Consultation, click here.