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Attaching a File to an Appointment Form

If the draft of writing you wish to discuss during your Online Consultation is longer than 3 pages, you must attach it to your Appointment Form after reserving your appointment. And, if your draft is longer than 10 pages, you must select the 10 pages you most need help with and attach those to your Appointment Form.

When you have finished reserving your appointment, you will be taken to a Confirmation Screen.

To attach your draft to your Appointment Form, click the link labeled “click here” on the Confirmation Screen. Doing this will open the Attach a File screen.

The appointment you just reserved will automatically appear in the Appointment field. Click the Choose File tab to select a file from your computer. Then, title your file. Finally, click the Upload File tab.

If you forget to attach a file to your Appointment Form after reserving your appointment, please email the Online Program Coordinator at Please attach to your email the file you wish to be attached to your Appointment Form. And, in your email, please indicate the date and time of your appointment.

For instructions on how to attend your Online General Writing Consultation, click here.