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Teaching Assistant Training

The University of Houston Writing Center is committed to supporting effective and efficient writing evaluation across the university, including establishing responsible processes for allocating resources to achieve maximal results for our students. In order to support the consistent application of evaluation standards and ensure that grading practices are as expedient as possible, the Writing Center can offer training services for graduate assistants on an individual and departmental basis.

Training workshops led by Writing Center staff on recognizing good writing and applying standardized grading rubrics can help graders feel more confident in their ability to assess student work and communicate effectively with students about their writing. Services can include follow-up training, consultations, or online resources to support graduate assistants in managing their workload throughout the semester.

Writing Center partners who have utilized our graduate assistant training services include the Biology, Art History, and Political Science departments, as well as a 600-person senior-level Business Law and Ethics course within the C.T. Bauer College of Business. For more information about Teaching Assistant Training, please contact Mark Sursavage.