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Past Linked Courses at the UH Writing Center

Linked Course initiatives at the UH Writing Center develop smaller communities within the larger university, build contextual connections, and generate a sense of academic identity, particularly important on our commuter campus. Writing Center assessment confirms that students co-enrolled in a writing course paired with a content area course develop a high degree of confidence in research and writing along with an appreciation for connections between courses, faculty, and each other. Linked writing classes meet in the Writing Center computer classrooms and offer students instruction incorporating the latest technology.


WritingHistory encourages American History and English Composition students to become active historians as they learn to conduct research, write about their explorations, and present their findings in both traditional and multimodal formats. Developed by faculty from the Writing Center, the Department of History, and the College of Education, the courses offer students an integrated curriculum across two CORE courses.


Initiated in Fall 2005 as part of UH Weekend University, WritingArt links Composition II with Art History I. Developed in collaboration with Art History and Writing Center faculty, the courses co-enroll students from a large lecture section of Art History in small sections of English Composition II. The courses take advantage of the hybrid format, meeting once-a-week in a traditional classroom setting with the remainder of the class conducted online.


WritingTheatre, the first UH linked course directed at a specific major, co-enrolls entering Theatre majors in Fundamentals of Theatre and Composition I. Content from the Theatre class, taught by a dramaturgy specialist from the Alley Theatre, becomes the foundation for writing assignments in the Composition class. Writing also incorporates analysis and evaluation of productions by the UH Theatre Department, the Alley Theatre, and Stages.

English 1300, Developmental Writing

From 2011 to 2013, English 1300, Developmental Writing, was linked to English 1303, First Year Writing I. Students identified as needing extra support in their academic, composition skills enrolled in this hybrid course, meeting once a week either as a group or for individual consultations, with the remainder of the class conducted online.